Workshop in Northern Ireland!!

Starting the young horse positively/ obstacle training at Careymill, Ballycastle.

If there is sufficient demand we may run again 😊😊 so do email me if you are interested, or if you’d like to host something similar at your yard.

Ever wondered how to create a confident, calm, curious horse? The kind that you can load up, head out with, face all kinds of new things and new situations and know that you’ll both enjoy yourselves?

The key to this is correct socialisation of young horses. This means good early handling experiences, but, more importantly, careful and positive introductions to new objects, new places and new experiences.

We can do this in a number of ways, but one is through obstacle training.

On this workshop we’ll talk about the theory behind what is sometimes called ‘desensitisation’ and we’ll do lots of practical work with a range of obstacles and objects with our workshop host’s young horses. These include a rescue pony who has gone from frightened and untouchable to willing and engaged, a rising three year old who was bought completely untouched and has been trained using these principles from the start, and a rising four year old who has just begun being started under saddle.

The workshop will run over two days,  Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April, from 10am to 4.30pm each day. Cost is £70 and includes six months access to a video recording of the training sessions.

The venue is on the beautiful Causeway Coast, just outside Ballycastle, in Northern Ireland.

Places are limited so please book soon to reserve a spot! Please contact me for a booking form and payment details

For further information or questions you can call, text or WhatsApp me to 07773 157428

Thank you!

Helen Spence

For more information about Dr Helen Spence just visit

For booking terms and conditions see

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