New training opportunity: video feedback recording

I’m always looking at how I can help people with their training. As you will know if you’ve read my previous blog posts, pre the Covid Pandemic, I wasn’t a huge fan of video/ online lessons, feeling that they were no substitute for actual face to face on the ground support. And I still feel that on the ground, real-time support is the best thing for most people.

But the pandemic forced me on to zoom and online courses, and really helped me appreciate the benefits. They aren’t a substitute for real world coaching, but they are still a good thing! And for some people, the only option. How beneficial they are does depend on the experience level of the individual. If you are novice or just starting out, I definitely recommend you get support from a local trainer who can come out and help you with your horse in the flesh!

But for more experienced horse people, online coaching can be really helpful. I have a number of clients, including highly experienced equine professionals, that I do zoom sessions with on a regular basis.

Sometimes, this just takes the form of chatting through what they’ve been doing, answering questions, and making suggestions. But sometimes, we look at training videos. We can watch them back together, I can pause, rewind, replay and point out body language, what is happening in terms of learning, and what could maybe change or improve going forward.

The thing is, we are all busy people, and it can be hard to get a time in the diary that works (especially since I don’t do evening or weekend sessions!). People can be a bit shy about chatting about their training. Or they don’t enjoy the Zoom format (it can be off-putting seeing yourself on camera!). Or there may not be good enough internet connection for effective zooms. So I’ve decided to offer another option: pre-recorded video sessions. This means you don’t have to chat with me if you don’t want to! And you can view the recording at a time that suits you. All you have to do is

1. First of all make a booking with me for a video feedback recording.

2. Send me a video clip (or series of short clips)

3. I will record the session with me talking through the videos, as I would on a live zoom.

4. I send you access to the recording.

5. You get to watch and rewatch it as many times as you like over the following six months.

I will charge per 15 minutes of clips that you send me. So up to and including 15 mins of clip will cost £30 for the feedback session recording, 16 to 30 minutes of clips will cost £60 and so on.

If, for some reason, streaming videos doesn’t suit you and you want to download and keep your recording, we can organise this for an additional fee of £15 per 15 minutes of clip. The ownership of the copyright remains with me, and the video lesson is not to be shared publicly without my consent.

You can also book a follow up half hour zoom session if you want to chat through any of the feedback after you’ve reviewed it. If you book the zoom at the same time as you book the feedback, you can have the half hour at the discounted price of £10. Otherwise, zooms are charged at the normal rate.

Video feedback is a really useful tool, allowing us to point out fine details in training, nuances of body language and really focus in on the ABC’s (antecedent, behaviour, consequences) of training. You can use this to support your ‘real world’ coaching, complementing the work you are doing with your trainer/ coach.

This is of value for riders and trainers in all disciplines, improving observation, timing, and understanding. Perhaps you are a coach who would like some feedback on the training they are doing with clients. Or a horse owner just wanting to improve your training skills. Maybe you’re a dressage rider wanting to improve relaxation and look at ways of making your training a more positive experience for your horse, or perhaps you’re a Pony Club coach wanting to better your understanding of learning theory.

Perhaps you are a coach and you and your client want to share a session so that you can both benefit from the feedback.

As an expert and qualified professional in the psychology of learning and training, equine behaviour and body language, and with a keen interest in riding position, posture and the impact on the horse, I can help you refine your training, with the goal of increasing relaxation in the horse, helping reduce stress and improve their understanding of what is being asked, through improving your training skills.

As with all my coaching, sessions are fully confidential and videos will not be shared publicly without client consent.

In order to make a booking, just contact me via phone 07773 157428, WhatsApp message, or email

Looking forward to hearing from you!! Spaces will be limited and preference given to existing clients, but I am always glad to welcome enquiries from new clients 😊.

Helen xo

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