Happy Christmas!!

It is nearly Christmas Eve and here is my third and final gift to you to say thank you for all the support and kind words 😊. I couldn’t do this without you all! I am so blessed to have a job I love. In March 2023 I will be celebrating 20 years in this business, which I find hard to believe. The horse world has gone through many changes in that time. I am so delighted to see more and more people paying attention to how their horses feel, training in a way that listens to the horse, is kind, understanding the importance of managing their horses in ways that help them to live a more natural life.

My final Christmas gift to you is my course on The Difficult to Catch Horse. In this course, you will learn about the underlying issues that can contribute to catching difficulties, as well as techniques for making catching easier. Even if your horse is easy to catch, you will find this interesting, with lots of practical videos and a good opportunity to observe body language and think about your relationship with your horse. The course, like the other two, will be available for FREE until the 6th of January 2023. Once you have signed up, you will have access for six months. To sign up for the course, just click on the link below:


My Christmas holidays have begun. I’ll be back to work on Wednesday, 4th January, so any emails or messages will be replied to then.

No matter your beliefs or backgrounds, Christmas is about giving and sharing, so I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🎄🎅🐴🎁🐎🎄

Helen xo

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