Year round turnout is essential for well being.

I learned as a child the importance of turnout and company, and as an adult that was confirmed by my studies in equine behaviour. As a Clinical Equine Behaviourist I come across many ‘behaviour problems’ that are simply remedied by providing a more natural lifestyle for the horse. My horses have freedom of movement 24/7 all year round, when not in the fields they have an all weather turnout area with access to shelters.

I was taught that sensible ponies lived out. And if a pony wasn’t sensible, it was because they didn’t get enough time out of the stable.

I’m delighted to see that Ros Canter keeps her horses out. Research indicates that field kept horses stay fitter than those stabled. If it’s good enough for a Badminton winner it should be good enough for everyone! Well done Ros!

We need to change the way livery yards are set up in the UK- horse welfare must come first and year round turnout in fields or decent sized, well surfaced all weather turnout areas should be available for EVERY horse ❤️.

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