The irrelevance of bunting and other horse training ponderings…

What is this stuff you’ve put here?

When you’re introducing a three year old to the world, it doesn’t matter what equipment you use, it’s all new. Today it’s the bunting game, tomorrow could be the rug game, the saddle game. My daughter asked me the best question today when she asked ‘but why do you need to introduce him to bunting?’.

It’s not so bad, this stuff!

So I pointed out that he doesn’t know yet what new stuff is going to be significant for his future, it’s just all new. A saddle or a whip is equally as random to a baby horse as a pile of bunting or a feather duster.


Of course the thing that really matters is, do they have a positive experience? Do they feel curious and become confident and the object? Or does it become something threatening, to be feared? As you can see in these clips, Blue Bayou discovered that bunting is nothing to worry about.

What are you doing?!!

However, this must come with a disclaimer. I’m a professional trainer and a behaviourist. I know how to introduce these things in a safe and non threatening way. I DO NOT advocate that you should go and try this with your horse, especially in the current circumstances. Done incorrectly, you can cause lasting psychological damage and could put yourself and others at risk. Only do this under supervision of an appropriately qualified professional, preferably one listed on the ABTC register of Clinical Animal Behaviourists as a horse specialist. Eventually we will have a horse trainers register too!

Nothing like a nice scratch with a trusted friend….

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