Here to help…..

This is such a good point from my good friend and colleague, Wales based behaviourist Jenni Nellist. No judgement, no pressure, our job is to help and we have been doing our jobs long enough to know that training/ behaviour modification frequently doesn’t go to plan.

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Here to listen, here to help. I've had a couple of clients get in touch with some unexpected problems getting in the way of progress at best and fearing for their animal's welfare at worst. It's OK for them to contact me with bad news. We talk through it and I help. If I don't know the bad stuff, I can't help. So I though I'd write a little about this generally. Once I've made my first visit to help you and your horse, setting you both out on the road to positive changes, there might be bumps in the road. Sometimes frickin' huge pothole craters even. Road bumps aren't easy but they happen. All my clients are welcome to contact me when they hit a bump, I welcome these calls. Gives us a chance to assess actions taken so far and the resulting effects, then to adjust accordingly. Managing and training horses often requires adjustments and that is why I'm here to help you make the right ones. #Gower #Swansea #Wales #equinebehaviour #equinebehaviourist #apbcequine #abtc #apbc #picsart

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